Valve housing

Technical specifications


1.4815 (AISI 304)
25 – 620 grams


The valve housing is built into a paint mixing machine. With this component, pigments for paint are dosed and mixed according to the customers wishes. The paint mixing machines are used by chemical companies and DIY stores.


  • Optimal logistical process
  • Minimal post-processing required
  • Big savings in material costs
  • Many functionalities integrated into the product
  • Steel alloy can withstand corrosion formation and chemical fluids

Advantage of the CIREX casting process

Aesthetically pleasing, beautifully designed component with low surface roughness The product is cast in stainless steel so that it does not corrode and can withstand chemical fluids. Thanks to the great degree of design freedom, many functionalities are integrated into the product. Consider, for example, bayonet closures, mounting flanges, internal flow channels and a cam for limiting switches. Only minimal post-processing is required. Designed as ‘Near Net Shape’ (NNS) in order to save as much material and processing costs as possible. The product is delivered in a specially designed packaging so that logistical costs and handling costs for the customer are considerably less.