Sensor housing

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Technical specifications


1.4815 (AISI 304)
250 – 750 grams
Powder coating & printing


The component is a housing for an electronic measuring instrument. The product is executed in a stainless steel alloy and is supplied in various versions. Two versions are powder coated. The other version is polished and printed after casting.


  • Minimal post-processing required
  • CIREX delivers a product ready to be built in
  • Aesthetically pleasing housing due to its high surface quality
  • Great degree of design freedom so that complex housings can be cast

Advantage of the CIREX casting process

Thanks to the great degree of design freedom of our casting process, housings with complex shapes can be developed. Huge cost-savings are achieved by designing the product as ‘Near Net Shape’. It is an aesthetically pleasing housing due to its high surface quality. The dimensioning of the housing is extremely critical. A rubber sealing gasket is installed and this may not leak during the leakage test.

After casting, the products are given limited post-processing, i.e., the application of threading. The products are then powder coated and are polished or printed depending on the type of sensor housing. The components are delivered ready to be built-in so that our customer is completely unburdened.