Impeller wheel

Technical specifications


1.4404 (AISI 316L)
180 – 420 grams
Blasting & descaling


The impeller wheel rotates at high speed in the pump housing and is propelled by an electro motor. Centrifugal force causes the fluid to flow to the discharge of the pump.


  • Low roughness values
  • Huge savings on processing costs
  • By using high-quality stainless steel, no corrosion formation occurs
  • The cast piece satisfies international requirements concerning process hygiene

Advantage of the CIREX casting process

Because of the complex geometry and low roughness values, the lost wax method is particularly suited for casting this impeller wheel. The low roughness values are necessary in order to prevent the formation of bacterial growth. Because of the smooth transition to the impeller, no contamination remains behind. This allows our customer to comply with international guidelines for process hygiene. The impeller wheel is cast in high-quality stainless steel alloy so that no formation of corrosion occurs. It is then post-processed on the  on the sealing surfaces with the pump housing. Because of the precise tolerances of the casting process, this process is minimal, allowing significant savings on processing costs.