Convertible roof fixation

k produktům

Technical specifications


1.4308 (AISI 304)
200 – 420 grams
Machining & assembly


A roof fixation system to secure the top of a convertible. The component is attached to the front pillar of the windscreen.


  • Complex product design
  • Significant savings on machining
  • Product is delivered ‘ready for use’
  • Steel alloy can withstand corrosion

Advantage of the CIREX casting process

The design freedom of the casting process allows this complex form to be cast. Only minimal machining is required. CIREX takes care of assembling and testing the switch in-house. A 100% functional test guarantees proper functioning. The component is a visible part and is aesthetically pleasing due to the low degree of roughness of the stainless steel’s smooth surface. The component does not rust. The mounting flange toward the chassis, which includes square holes, can be cast without extra mechanical post-processing (‘as-cast’).