Chisel plate holder

Technical specifications


G 50 CrV 4
22 grams
Blasting & refining


This component is used to attach a chisel plate to a holder. This chisel plate holder is mounted on a lathe so as to process products.


  • Heat-resistant and wear-resistant steel alloy
  • Minimal post-processing required
  • Big savings in material costs

Advantage of the CIREX casting process

Our casting process makes it possible to cast special alloys that can handle high temperatures. The steel alloy used can easily handle the heat released from work on a lathe, so that the material retains its mechanical properties. Due to the dimensional accuracy of the casting process, post-processing of the chisel plate holder is minimal. Heat-resistant steels are usually difficult to machine. So this provides significant savings. The product is heat-treated (refined), yielding an optimal relationship between the material’s hardness and its toughness.