CIREX is one of the largest steel-casting companies in the world and casts using the “lost wax” method. With this method, lost wax castings can be produced with a high degree of dimensional accuracy and complex shapes. This method also provides engineers with a significant degree of product design freedom and choice of materials. Your specific desires and requirements can be incorporated in the cast pieces.

CIREX is your development partner for successful casting. Our goal is to create optimum castings in consultation with you.

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How does ‘investment casting’ (lost-wax) work? An overview of the steps and phases involved is given …

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The ‘lost-wax’ model of casting is characterised by precise dimensioning. With our experience and knowledge, we can provide you with professional recommendations concerning feasible tolerances. Often, extremely precise tolerances make …

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The roughness of CIREX precision castings varies from Ra 1.6 tot 6.3 µm, depending on the steel alloy used. This low roughness index usually makes additional processing unnecessary. This can result in considerable savings …

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If you select CIREX to have your steel component developed and produced, then you are opting for quality, certainty and reliability. From idea to implementation. Our casting process has the following characteristics …

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